Horizon Relocation Corp. offers a complete menu of mobility related services to corporations and institutions who have a recurring need to transfer a number of their employees to other work sites or attract job candidates from out of the area.

An executive mobility partnership, Horizon is dedicated to providing the finest in customer-driven relocation services. Our service delivery is based on commitment to the following principles:

  • Customer-driven service delivery

  • Quality Assurance

  • Fiscal Accountability

  • Knowledgeable response to industry & individual family needs

Horizon is not a real estate firm, mortgage company or van line.  We are a Relocation Management Firm.   Therefore, our staff is able to establish relationships  with the finest vendors in each area.  The result is a level of service and discount that would be unavailable to any individual who is called upon to relocate.

Telephone 630-355-7320
Toll Free 888-641-5252
FAX 630-778-9278

2408 Barkdoll, Suite 214
Naperville, Illinois
General Information & Service Initiation: leo@horizonrelocation.com